How to disable HP Support Assistant?

How to disable HP Support Assistant?

Firstly think that you really want to disable HP Support assistant or not? HP Support Assistant is a software package that has been generated mainly for such clients or users who are facing some frequent stoppages while working with the HP Printer at office/organization or home. And so, to upgrade the performance of the HP Printer machine, one needs to download this application into its system. The number of problems that are resolved by this software mentioned below:- 

  • Network issue while connecting
  • The printer is not taking any command for printing 
  • Issues with the paper tray
  • Paper jamming in the printer
  • Low ink issue
  • Cartridge problem while replacement
  • Printer printing only half page
  • Smudged paper problem
  • Issue while connecting with Wi-Fi
  • Bringing the HP printer online from offline
  • Driver installation problem

Now you think that disallowing this application is a good idea or not. This application is helpful. As it quickly investigates if you need a quick solution or notices something is not right, you can directly contact from there, and you can also see the details if you need them. All the notifications keep coming up, and you are fed up with those notifications and going to uninstall the software. 

NOTE: Think before HP Support Assistant uninstall, You can uninstall it, but it is not suggested as the right opinion.

I can agree with you that there is some setting to turn it off- specific highlights or reminders; some of the updates are important, like programming and driver updates in the HP support assistant software. At the point when you have time, open HP support assistant from the ‘All programs group’ and take some time to know about it and how to turn off a few updates or notices.

If you want to remove HP support assistant icon from your Taskbar and cannot find the way to how you can remove it from there and also don’t want that icon to appear every time you open your PC/laptop. Then you are at the right place follow the following instructions:-

  • Open HP support assistant
  • Click on ‘Updates and tune-ups.’
  • On the bottom left select ‘other settings’
  • Untick the taskbar options in the section ‘How would you like to be notified?’

NOTE: Disallowing this feature will stop the software from giving any notifications about updates or doesn’t fix until the HP support assistant opened again.

If you are not happy and want to turn off hp support assistant application on your PC, then you can disable it for some time. If some annoying messages will appear on your HP PC due to this program, then immediately uninstall this application from your PC/Laptop by using the ‘ADD or REMOVE’ feature in the Windows control panel. You can also follow the following steps to disable the application:-

  • Open the control panel and then go to programs and click ‘uninstall a program.’
  • Find the program and select ‘HP support assistant’ and then click uninstall.
  • Follow the prompts, and the progress bar will show how long it will take to remove hp support assistant.

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