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The Hewlett Packard (HP), a US-based IT company, manufactures laptops, PCs, and printers. This brand always offers a high quality of technology with its products like the HP Support Assistant to investigate the errors. Sometimes in office/organization or home HP laptop, HP PCs, and HP Printers creates some problems and need to be fixed. So this application HP assistant helps you to secure and keep your device updated. The individual who doesn’t even have any specialized knowledge about the application can also access this for eliminating such frequent interruptions from the root. 

HP continuously tries to improve its products and consistently gives updates for software, firmware, and drivers. To keep your HP PC run smoothly and efficiently, update the software all the time. The assistant enhances PC execution and resolves issues using diagnostic tools and utilities. It gives an access point for software updates, product information, and HP contact information. Use the given information to troubleshoot specific issues you are facing.

Not all updates are fundamental; some are simply suggested. You don’t need to download and install all updates, in any case, that you don’t, the exclamation mark will continue to appear on the Support icon.

What is HP Assistant?

HP Support Assistant is a software package that has been created especially for such customers or users who are facing some frequent interruptions while working with the HP Printer at office/organization or home. Therefore, to upgrade the performance of the HP Printer machine, one has to download this application into its system. The number of issues that are resolved by this software mentioned below:-

  • Network issue while connecting
  • The printer is not taking any command for printing 
  • Issues with the paper tray
  • Paper jamming in the printer
  • Low ink issue
  • Cartridge problem while replacement
  • Printer printing only half page
  • Smudged paper problem
  • Issue while connecting with Wi-Fi
  • Bringing the HP printer online from offline
  • Driver installation problem

Why do I need HP Assistant?

HP support assistant persuades you to keep your device updated and resolve all issues, by automated updates and self-improvement or growth. It guides you to investigate the problem happening on your Device. HP assistant can perform all this task through modified updates, and regular check-ups worked in diagnostics and a variety of useful choices.

HP assistant is handy. As it quickly investigates if you need a quick solution or notices something is not right, you can straightforwardly contact from there, and you can also see the details if you need them. Although, it is excellent if you can do the Driver updates, and so, it’s a time-saving solution for you to fix the issue without going to the support website. 

Do I need HP Support Assistant?

NOTE: If you don’t care about any updates, support, guarantee, etc. then you can access the PC without it

Why do I download HP Assistant?

HP Support Assistant do I need it? Most of the HP computers come with the HP assistant. This application located as the blue question mark on the Taskbar in Windows. You can get to the software through the HP support app on the Start Screen. If neither of these options will work, then you can also discover it by clicking start and by typing support assistant. If none of these alternatives work, then you need to download and install the program in your PC/Laptop.

From where to download HP Support Assistant?

You can download the HP assistant from the official website. To go through the download process, you have to follow the steps mentioned below very carefully:-

  • Go to the official website 
  • Click on the ‘Download HP Support Assistant‘ option.
  • Download box appears on the bottom of the screen, click on the ‘Save’ option.
  • When the download process completes, click on the ‘Run’ option, and then follow the instruction as instructed on the screen.

NOTE: The installation process may take a couple of moments to finish.

  • When the process completes, select ‘Yes’ and then click on the ‘Finish’ option to restart your system.
  • When your system restarts, then go to the HP assistant icon on the Taskbar.
  • Click on the icon, and you have successfully installed an HP assistant on your PC.

Wants to remove HP Support Assistant from the Taskbar

HP Support Assistant should I remove it? If you don’t want that icon to be added to your Taskbar and cannot find the way to remove it from there and also don’t want that icon to appear every time you open the PC/laptop. Then you are at the right place follow the following instructions:-

  • Open HP assistant
  • Click on ‘Updates and tune-ups.’
  • On the bottom left select ‘other settings’
  • Untick the taskbar options in the section ‘How would you like to be notified?’
Remove HP Support Assistant from Taskbar

NOTE: Disallowing this feature will stop the software from giving any notifications about updates or doesn’t fix until the HP support assistant opened again.

How to update HP Support Assistant?

To keep your HP PC/Laptop run smoothly, then it is required to refresh or update the HP Support Assistant Driver. If you don’t know anything about the updating procedure, then you can make a call on the toll-free number and get joined with the top-most specialized engineer. They will guide you with the method or process to update HP Driver Assistant. We provide you a 24/7 service call HP Phone Number or also available via e-mail.

Should I uninstall HP Support Assistant

HP device assistant is beneficial. As it quickly investigates if you need a quick solution or notices something is not right, you can straightforwardly contact from there, and you can also see the details if you need them. All the notifications keep coming up, and you are fed up with those notifications and going to uninstall the software. 

But there is some setting to turn it off specific highlights or reminders; some of the updates are important like software and driver updates in the HP support assistant update application.

At the point when you have time, open HP assistant from the ‘All programs group’ and take some time to know about it and how to turn off a few updates or reminders.

NOTE: HP support assistant uninstall! You can uninstall it, but it is not suggested as the right opinion.

How to disable HP Support Assistant?

If you are not happy and want to turn off hp support assistant application on your PC, then you can disable it for some time. If some annoying messages will appear on your HP PC due to this program, then immediately make a call to our toll-free service number and get the instant solution to fix this issue. The certified specialized engineer is working day and night on this helpline number to convey faithful services to you anytime when you needed.

How to Remove/Uninstall HP Support Assistant?

If you have made your mind and want to uninstall this software from your PC/Laptop by using the ‘ADD or REMOVE’ feature in the Windows control panel. You can also follow the following steps to uninstall the application:-

  1. Open the control panel and then go to programs and click ‘uninstall a program.’
  2. Find the program and select ‘HP support assistant’ and then click uninstall.
  3. Follow the prompts, and the progress bar will show how long it will take to remove hp assistant.
hp support assistant

One-stop solution for all HP Problems

There are multiple ways to recover with the problem, but we provide the one-stop solution for all your questions related to HP Support Assistant. You can tell your question through any of the channels. There are two more HP Printer Assistant and HP Wireless Assistant click each to learn more about them. We will give you three mediums to reach us and discuss your issue. All our helplines are available 24/7. You can CALL at HP Customer Service Number, you can also contact us through E-MAIL, or you can CHAT ONLINE with specialized engineer.

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